About Us

OUR MISSION: To invite the women of the world to meet every two years to celebrate their accomplishments and bold visions for the future set against a backdrop of world class sports competition and entertainment.

The Vision

Before the proliferation of cable television and the internet, I had the privilege of working with the likes of Janet Evans,Jackie Joyner Kersee, Barbara Fontana, Shannon Miller, Nancy Kerrigan and others who are among the most decorated female athletes in history. So in 2001 when I was contacted about starting a 24/7 television network devoted to women’s sports, I was intrigued.

However, the time was not right for me or the network and it never came to fruition. Frankly, I think it was an idea ahead of its time. However, when I was watching the Olympic Games from Rio in 2016, it struck me that the time was right. Maybe not for a 24/7 network, but certainly for a standalone, all women’s sporting competition and entertainment festival showcasing the best in women’s performance.

And out of that moment came the outline for what is now the Aurora Games…a week long celebration of women in sports supported by a festival of entertainment, culture and education.

Throughout my career I have tried to create new and interesting projects that provide opportunities for athletes, sponsors and fans. None have been as grand as what I envision for the Aurora Games but I think it can be a breakthrough event. I hope you will join me in bringing this vision to life by participating on one of the many platforms we are developing. The time is right.

Jerry Solomon

Creator and Executive Producer, The Aurora Games

The Dawn of the Aurora Games

Aurora Games Festival, LLC owns and operates the Aurora Games and holds all of the rights and intellectual property associated with the Games. The Aurora Games were conceived of and created by Jerry Solomon. Mr. Solomon has been one of America’s top sports marketing executives for more than 30 years. The Aurora Games, named in honor of the Roman goddess of the dawn, will be held every two years beginning with the inaugural edition at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY, August 20-25, 2019. Designed to celebrate the best in women’s sports, entertainment and culture, the Aurora Games will welcome all-star athletes, as well as coaches and trainers, representing more than 15 countries to downtown Albany to compete in an international competition of teams comprised of the Americas vs. the World. The six-day event will include team and individual competitions in basketball, tennis, figure skating, gymnastics, ice hockey and beach volleyball. Fans will also enjoy musical performances, food tastings, sports clinics, autograph sessions and seminars in the Aurora Games Fan Zone at the Albany Capital Center. For up-to-date information about the Aurora Games, visit AuroraGamesFestival.com or follow the Games on Twitter @AuroraGamesFest.

Support From Iconic Personalities

From Sports, Entertainment and Business

MONICA SELES - Chair-Tennis

Chair-Tennis | 9 time Grand Slam Champion | Tennis

Chair-Figure Skating | 2 time Olympic medalist | Figure Skating

CHRIS EVERT - Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Member | 18 time Grand Slam Champion | Tennis

Chair-Gymnastics | 7 time Olympic medalist | Gymnastics

JACKIE JOYNER KERSEE - Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Member | 6 time Olympic medalist | Track & Field

JUDY MURRAY - Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Member | Internationally renowned tennis coach | motivational speaker

Donna de Varona (Olympic Gold Medalist; swimming): Consultant and Chair, Advisory Board
Tenley Albright (Olympic Gold Medalist, Figure Skating): Advisory Board member
Dr. Deborah Antoine (CEO, Women’s Sports Foundation): Advisory Board member
Doug Beal (Former CEO, USA Volleyball; 3 time USA Olympic coach): Advisory Board member
Jane Blalock (Hall of Fame LPGA Golfer): Advisory Board Member
Christine Brennan (USA Today Columnist; CNN/ESPN contributor): Advisory Board member
Nancy Carpenter (EVP – TJX Companies): Advisory Board member
Nadia Comaneci (nine time Olympic Gold Medalist; gymnastics): Advisory Board member
Bart Conner (two time Olympic Gold Medalist; gymnastics): Advisory Board member
Kathy Francis (Consultant, Chair and President, WISE): Advisory Board member
Stephanie Harvey (five time World Champion gamer; Counter-Strike): Chair, eSports
Kerri-Anne Kennerley (Australia’s First Lady of Television; Award winning performer): Advisory Board member
Ilana Kloss (CEO, World Team Tennis): Advisory Board member
David Machlica (Managing Partner, Sports Media Investors): Advisory Board member
Marti Malloy (Olympic medalist; judo): Advisory Board member
Olivia Munn (Actress): Advisory Board Member
Digit Murphy (Women’s Sports Entrepeneur; Coach of Chinese National Team): Advisory Board member
Scott O’Neil (CEO, Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Devils & Prudential Center): Advisory Board member
Stella Ross (International Travel/Food Entrepeneur): Advisory Board Member
Michele Sicard (International banking executive): Advisory Board member
Jennie Silverstein (International television producer): Advisory Board member
Frank Smith (Business Executive and Sports Official): Advisory Board member
Kelli Stack (two time Olympic medalist; ice hockey): Chair, Hockey